Discover Your Inner Guidance.

An introspective app designed to cultivate awareness, connection and authenticity.


Cultivate Awareness

Orb is a tool to practice and grow your self awareness. 

Developing self awareness is a vital foundation to all emotional, physical and spiritual healing and growth. By enhancing your self awareness, you begin to see and experience yourself more clearly and without judgment. Using Orb, you will develop a quick and simple daily practice of checking in with yourself and consistently taking a moment to pay attention to how you are feeling physically and emotionally. This regular practice of presence and attunement naturally nurtures deeper states of awareness and clarity.


Self Awareness Enhances:

  • Personal Empowerment

  • Stress Management

  • instincts & intuition

  • Recognition of Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Emotional Intelligence

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 Experience Connection

Health and happiness arise from a place of connection and integration of mind, body and soul. 

Using the inherent link between Mind and Body you can tap into your own natural inner guidance and truth. By noticing the connection that your emotions, thoughts and beliefs have with your physical experience you will uncover unconscious patterns, triggers and trends that may be helping or hindering your true power and potential. Seeing and experiencing the connection within your own being will help create and expand your connection with the world around you.


A State of Connection Enhances:

  • Empathy & Listening Skills

  • Effective Communication

  • Strengthening & Healing Relationships

  • Experience of Oneness & Purpose

  • Feeling in the Flow of Life

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Practice Authenticity

Authenticity is an inner state of being, a feeling of ease and comfort within your own skin - your truest nature in form. 

From this place you gain the ability to be in touch with how you feel at every moment, to radically accept yourself and to be able to express this genuinely. True authenticity is a path that leads you to not only live your best life but also to make a positive impact on others. Orb will help you learn how to identify, label and examine your feelings and experiences, prompting you to look deeper at your life and discover your most authentic self.


Living Authentically Enhances:

  • Self Worth & Love

  • Openness & Vulnerability

  • joy, Value & Purpose.

  • self Knowledge & Guidance

  • Motivation & Energy

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Reconnect with yourself.

Orb’s Mind-Body Tracker offers a safe space to reconnect with yourself and dive deeply into your inner truth and authenticity. It will effortlessly guide you into developing daily practices to observer, acknowledge and attune to your physical and emotional feelings. 

Using Orb, you are given a visual experience and easy accountability. This helps you see your life as a whole and ultimately allows the unconscious to become conscious. 

Orb is a tool that leads you into greater emotional intelligence, clarity and wellbeing. By truly connecting with yourself and integrating mind, body and soul, you can transform your life and embrace your highest potential.