Rewriting our Narrative of Health

The western medical system functions mostly from the outdated concept that mind and body are separate. We are now on the cusp of a great revolution which is revising our narrative of health from being one of separation to one of connection. This change in perspective can have dramatic effects on the way we think about health and wellness. Looking through the lens of whole body health (bio-psycho-social) changes the way we think about illness, disease, causes and cures.  There is no longer a question that the mind-body connection has an impact on health -- science has proven this many times over. The real problem we are facing  is how to transform current main-stream perceptions from separation and isolation to the essential and progressive truth of connection and unity. Orb is here to help our users shift their own mindsets. We have built the app to approach the mind-body connection from several perspectives in order to help our users understand and experience the regenerative power of recognizing this within themselves.


The validity of the mind-body connection has been proven over and over by modern science. Orb helps its users learn the science behind the inherent connection of mind and body. Using biology, psychology, and psychoneuroimmunology we explore the real impact that states of stress and/or ease can have on the immune system, body and mind.


Authenticity is a word that is often misunderstood, it is not about your outer identity, such as the activities you enjoy, your political views, having a strong personality or blunt honesty.  Authenticity is a inner state of being, an experience of calm and ease in your skin and peace with the world around you. In this frame of mind you have the ability to be in touch with how YOU truly feel in every moment, to radically accept yourself and to be able to express this genuinely. It is a path that leads you to not only live your best life but also to make a positive impact on others.


Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a phrase that has been gaining momentum, but what exactly is it? Emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware and present with the emotions you are experiencing at any given moment. Enhancing your emotional intelligence can lead to better communication and deeper states of compassion, along with an increased ability to cope when faced with stress-filled situations.


The study of human consciousness is expanding at an exponential rate and groundbreaking new insight into what it means to be human is the result. Exploring ourselves on a deeper level can lead to profound transformations in our lives, bodies, relationships, and purpose. Utilizing the Daily Practice program, our users will learn to explore their consciousness on a variety of different levels and consequently they will experience first hand how their inner state can dictate their current reality.