The Mind-Body Tracker

The first app to track the mind-body connection. Log and track your emotional and physical states.

Discover connections, patterns, triggers and trends.

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The Mind-Body Tracker is a tool to cultivate awareness of the mind-body connection. Orb guides users to consistently check in with themselves and pay attention to how they are feeling physically and emotionally throughout the day. This simple step naturally nurtures mindfulness. By cultivating regular moments of awareness throughout the day, users begin to experience the mind-body connection in real time.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional granularity is the ability to identify and label finite and specific emotions. For example instead of just saying I'm angry, one is able to identify and explain the direct emotion they are experiencing, like frustrated, grumpy or resentful. Emotional granularity is a critical factor in developing high emotional intelligence. Orb is designed to help our users expand their emotional granularity by prompting and aiding them in identifying their specific emotion.

Tracking & Patterns

The mind-body tracker takes the information you enter and compiles it into what we call insights. Your daily entries turn into easy to read charts and graphs that give you the ability to look deeper at your inner emotional and physical patterns and triggers. Users will have an ongoing history to witness their trends, growth, and healing.

Daily Log 

Using features to rate emotional and physical states with details and notes about specific emotions, physical symptoms and life events, the mind-body tracking tool  becomes a very valuable daily log. By using the calendar you can go back to review past days. This can be helpful for many situations, from doctor visits to personal development.

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