Orb is an app that is designed to help people with chronic conditions gain a deeper understanding about the impact of the mind-body connection. We are here to help your rewrite your narrative of health from one of separation to one of connection. It is an app based on personal discovery and development, there is no one that knows ourselves better then ourselves.


Our world is evolving, and some aspects of society are not keeping up. We believe the western medical system is one of the elements that is lagging behind. Yes, our medical system is exceptionally good at some areas of health like acute trauma or infection, but when it comes to chronic illness, western medicine is failing miserably. Over 40% of the population in the US have some type of chronic illness; most have no known cause or cure. This number is only on the rise with no indicators of relief.  We at Orb and many others, believe that a large part of this epidemic is caused and exacerbated by the outdated theory that the mind and body are separate and isolated systems. The truth is that the mind and the body are just two aspects of a single interconnected system - one simply cannot exist without the other. To help people attain real and sustainable health, the mind-body connection needs to be acknowledged, accepted and implemented.


Learning about and personally experiencing the mind-body connection has the potential to rewrite a person's narrative about their health while simultaneously alleviating many symptoms of chronic illness. Orb will guide users through this process by using the first ever mind-body tracking system and strategically designed daily practices that coax the mind to accept a different paradigm: that our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs play a significant role in our physical health. 


Currently, the only resources like this are expensive personalized programs offered through coaching or therapy and functional medicine doctors. Orb can not only can help those who don't have access to these modalities, but it can be a key tool for these healers to help their clients.