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Pause… Feel & Grow

Orb’s Mind-Body Tracker offers a safe space to reconnect with yourself and dive deep into your inner truth. Orb guides you though a simple practice called a “Check-in” where you are encouraged to take a moment to observe, acknowledge and take note of your emotional and physical feelings. In a few quick steps Orb helps you become more present and connected with yourself.

Using Orb, you are given a visual experience and increased accountability. This allows you to gain perspective and see your life as a whole, revealing unconscious patterns, triggers and trends. 

Using the data from your Check-in’s Orb provides you with insights, tracks your mind-body connection, and serves as a valuable daily log. Orb is designed to be personalized to you and your unique life journey, no two experiences will look the same. Like all paths of personal growth and discovery Orb requires Curiosity, Courage and Commitment. Remember, no one knows you better than yourself.

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Orb’s Perspectives for Personal Discovery & Growth


Emotional intelligence

Orb supports you in increasing your emotional granularity and emotional intelligence. Emotional granularity is the ability to recognize and label finite emotions. Increasing your emotional granularity allows you the ability to express and experiences yourself with greater clarity and decreased emotional reactivity.

Emotion Intelligence Enhances:

  • Problem Solving

  • Emotional Regulation

  • Leadership Skills

  • Social Skills

  • Ability to cope in difficult situations.



Health and happiness arise from a place of connection and integration of mind, body and soul.  Using the Mind-Body connection you can tap into your natural intelligence and guidance. Experiencing connection within your own being will help create and expand your connection with the world around you.

An Expanded Conciousness Enhances: :

  • Empathy & Listening Skills

  • Effective Communication

  • Connection & Compassion

  • Relaxation & Calm

  • Experiencing Flow States

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Self Awareness

Developing self awareness is the foundation to emotional, physical and spiritual healing and growth. By enhancing your self awareness, you begin to see and experience yourself more clearly and without judgment. Orb’s regular practice of presence allows you to naturally nurture deeper states of awareness.

Self Awareness Enhances:

  • Personal Empowerment

  • Stress Management

  • Instincts & Intuition

  • Recognition Of Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Emotional Intelligence

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Authenticity is an inner state of being, a feeling of ease and comfort within your own skin - your truest nature in form. Orb will help you learn how to identify, label and examine your feelings and experiences, prompting you to look deeper at your life and discover your most authentic self. Authenticity leads you live your best life.

Living Authentically Enhances:

  • Self Worth & Love

  • Openness & Vulnerability

  • Joy, Value & Purpose.

  • Self Knowledge & Guidance

  • Motivation & Energy