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We are on the search for people who are interested in self awareness and personal growth. Those who are looking to explore themselves on a deeper level. As a Beta Tester you will be a critical part of Orb’s success. We have created Orb for you and we want to hear your thoughts and opinions. Thanks, we look forward to connecting with you!

What will Beta Testing Orb require? 

  • It will be fun and simple and will take just a minute or two a day.

  • We will ask for your feedback once a week through a simple and quick online questionnaire. 

  • You must have an iPhone with iOS 12.0 or later (Android users in the future).

  • We will be running Beta Testing throughout September and October. 

  • Beta testing is about learning what works and what we can do better. This means we will need you to share your thoughts and opinions along the way.

  • We are still putting the finishing touches on the product, so your patience is appreciated when it comes to small bugs, errors or malfunctions.

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