About Us

Orb is an app that is designed to help people with chronic conditions gain a deeper understanding about the impact of the mind-body connection. We are here to help you rewrite your personal narrative of health from one of separation to one of connection. When it comes to chronic illness, navigating the world of health and wellness can be overwhelming. We are here to help; we want to demystify the mind-body connection and empower our users to embrace their own personal power and potential.  Orb is an app based on personal discovery and development; no one knows you better than yourself.

Our Mission

Orb’s mission is to help people rediscover their inner potential and power. We seek to cultivate awareness of the inherent connection within us, around us, and among us. Our intention is to help people discover and develop their unique innate gifts and inner wisdom. We envision a world where connection and unity are valued and supported by society.  We believe that authenticity should be the leading force in everyone’s lives. As a company our first priority is always personal discovery, growth and development. We hold this standard at all levels: from employees to product development, customer service and partners.


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